Tigers History Podcast – Episode #025 – Rick Huhn, author of ‘The Chalmers Race,’ on Ty Cobb’s controversial batting title in 1910

Rick Huhn tells the story of the controversial 1910 batting race between Ty Cobb and Nap Lajoie, and the lasting impact it had on Major League Baseball. His book The Read More …

Brendan Donley on collecting oral histories of the 1968 World Series for his new book ‘An October to Remember’

Brendan Donley talked to over two dozen players and participants in the 1968 World Series and stitched together their oral histories for the 50th anniversary of the Tigers’ unforgettable championship.

Tigers History Podcast – Episode #022 – Mitch Lutzke, author of ‘The Page Fence Giants’

The story of the Detroit Tigers and of Major League Baseball is incomplete without celebrating deserving big leaguers who were denied their chance. In the late 19th century, Adrian, Michigan, was home to a nationally-known team of African American All-Stars. Mitch Lutzke tells their nearly forgotten story.

Tigers History Podcast – Episode #012 – Jay Jaffe, author of ‘The Cooperstown Casebook’

Jay Jaffe literally wrote the book on who belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He talks about Jack Morris, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, and why Hall of Fame voters make mistakes.

Tigers History Podcast – Episode #011 – Ken Coleman, contributor to ‘Detroit 1967’

Detroit historian Ken Coleman, contributor to the book ‘Detroit 1967,’ talks about what to call the civil unrest of 1967, how it impacted the Tigers, and the Tigers’ troubled record on race.

Tigers History Podcast – Episode #008 – Amber Roessner, author of ‘Inventing Baseball Heroes: Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, & the Sporting Press in America’

Amber Roessner talks about the relationship between baseball stars and journalists in the early 20th century, and how historians today evaluate the complex personality and image of Ty Cobb.

Tigers History Podcast – Episode #007 – Scott Ferkovich, editor of ‘Tigers By The Tale’

The Detroit Tigers played at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull for more than a century. Scott Ferkovich rounded up the 50 greatest games played at this historic corner for the book ‘Tigers by the Tale: Great Games at Michigan and Trumbull.’

Episode #004 – Dan Dillman, Tigers’ batboy in the 1940s

Dan Dillman worked as a batboy at Briggs (Tiger) Stadium from 1948-1950, rubbing shoulders with baseball legends in the visitors’ clubhouse and dugout. He reminisces about his experiences in his book Hey Kid! A Tiger Batboy Remembers. I spoke with Dillman about his memories from his front row seat for baseball history.